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Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is not a new term for those who are familiar with the types of Web Hosting offered by various Web Solution companies. Basically, Linux is an operating system known for its stability and robustness. Websites hosted on Linux are considered to have high time up as compared to other preferred operating systems. Webb Wicker is a premium Linux web hosting company that offers most affordable LINUX Web Hosting services. Some of the features incorporated in our Linux Hosting services are mentioned below.

1. WordPress Setup and Implementation

2. WordPress Setup and Implementation

3. WordPress Development

4. WordPress Template Design

5. WordPress Theme Creation

6. WordPress Hosting

7. WordPress Customization

The ultimate Linux web hosting solutions offered by our company are ideal for the management of small or personal business website. Work done by us is so fine that it is difficult for a user to identify that the hosting is done on Linux based server. Our Linux hosting servers are co-located at the best hosting data centers with proactive security measures as we care about the security of our hosting clients. With the guidance and support of a trusted Linux hosting providers like us, many businesses have obtained exposure in the world market.

CPanel control panel – this is one of the most popular web hosting control panels available, but the disadvantage for most is that cPanel is only available for Linux web hosting servers – cPanel will provide you with the features necessary to manage your Linux web hosting account or Linux server effectively, offering advance features that will allow you to make the most of your Linux web hosting plan regardless of what you have chosen – if you choose to use a Linux server then cPanel will also provide you with the tools to manage your server effectively from a web based control panel, rather than having to rely solely on SSH for the management of your server

Softaculous – this is a cPanel add-on that will offer you the ability to install a wide variety of web applications into your web space in a few clicks, bypassing the need to have to download an application, upload it to your web space and then follow the installation process – the benefit for beginners of Softaculous is that it will take care of all of the technical aspects that are associated with installing a web application, but will still perform a professional job of it and will ensure that the installation is as secure as possible – an alternative to Softaculous that may be used by other web hosting providers is Fantastico, although both ultimately provide the same features

Ideal environment for web developers – a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) configuration will provide web developers with the best environment possible to develop highly functional websites that are able to make the most of the newest technologies